Danger Blasting Area (Safety Sign 1460)


Danger Blasting Area (Safety Sign 1460)

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All our safety signs are designed to meet the Australian Standard.
All our Safety Signs, can be manufactured in 4 Styles

1- Standard Self-Adhesive
2- Robust Self-Adhesive (This is our patented long lasting sign type, that can with stand water cannon wash down.)
3- Standard Metal Backed (This is our standard sign type mounted on metal)
4- Standard Polypropylene Backed (This is our standard sign type mounted on thin plastic.)

As well as the styles you can choose the reflective level you require.

1- Non-Reflective
2- Class 1 Reflective
3- Class 2 Reflective

We also manufacture all safety signs in 5 standard sizes.

1- 200x150mm
2- 300x225mm
3- 450x300mm
4- 600x450mm
5- 900x600mm

As well as the styles and sizes listed above, we can manufacture safety signs in other styles and sizes as required. We can also make any custom sign you require.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Robust Self-Adhesive, Standard Metal Backed, Standard Polypropylene Backed, Standard Self-Adhesive

Reflective Type

Class 1, Class 2, Non-Reflective


125x90mm, 200x150mm, 300x225mm, 450x300mm, 600x450mm, 900x600mm